Want to come to Wilcox Weekend 8?
Date: Thursday, May 3, 7pm to Sunday, May 6, 2018 noon (+optional day on May 2!)
Note this is a week earlier than usual!
Address: 130 Kanuga Chapel Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28739
Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/Pp9qaFrw2ow
Questions: weekend@davidwilcox.com
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Here's the scoop:

What's Wilcox Weekend about?  It's a gathering of musicians and non-musicians alike, brought together by a love of music and a desire to live with an open heart.  There are workshops related to music, mindful living, and many other topics.  But when it comes down to it, this is an event about two things: creativity and community.

Congregating at the beautiful, wooded Kanuga Conference Center, attendees get a chance to unwind from the speed and pressure of the day-to-day world, hear some great music, connect with old friends, and find friends they just haven't met yet. The gathering begins on the evening of Thursday, May 3rd, and lasts through brunch on Sunday, May 6th.  Your registration fee includes lodging for 3 nights, all 9 meals during your stay, concerts, and all workshops and other events!

But wait! There's also an optional BONUS DAY if you just can't get enough - come early on Wednesday, May 2nd and some will gather to join you. We tried the Bonus Day in 2017 to provide a little extra hanging out time for the folks who felt that 3 days just weren't enough. About half the people attended the Bonus Day last year. There's no formal programming, but we feed you and there will be plenty of spontaneous awesomeness happening. Stuff will be organized by those attending (song circles, song-writing groups, hikes...). Just let us know if you want the extra day and we will connect you with others coming early.
Lodging and Transportation:

Folks will be either be staying in the Kanuga cabins or in the lodge (NOTE: THE LODGE IS SOLD OUT!). Each cabin has a small kitchenette area with a fridge and a shared living room. Cabins do not have air conditioning, but do have ceiling fans. Fortunately, the North Carolina climate in the month of May is quite temperate. The cabins vary in size from 2-4 bedrooms. Most bedrooms have two twin beds (there are a few rooms with a twin and a double). Three of the cabins have rooms which share adjoining bathrooms (two rooms adjoining a single bathroom). The remaining rooms all have private baths. The lodge rooms have been recently renovated and are more like your standard hotel rooms with full-size beds, a private bath and AC.

There are a variety of options for travel for those coming to the weekend.  In the past we have assisted with carpooling and airport shuttle arrangements to help keep travel costs to a minimum.  Let us know as you fill out your registration if you think you will want (or be able to provide) travel assistance.  We will do our best to help coordinate needs with resources.
Here's how last year's schedule (mostly) worked. We say mostly, because we're not sticklers for sticking to schedules and are open to random acts of awesomeness (and yeah, sometimes the weather means we have to switch things around a little).

What it all costs:

We do our best to keep our costs low. Our costs from Kanuga have increased -- those nice new rooms in the lodge need to get paid for! As you'll read in a minute, you can even ask for a little help (or offer a little help) if money is a little short (or long). Early Bird pricing ended February 15th (sorry about that, but it's just $25 more).

Here's a breakdown of the costs:
- Adult Private $850 (bonus night $175)
- Adult Shared $745 (bonus night $140)
- Adult Commuter $550 (bonus night $75)
- Youth (10-17) $187 (bonus night $54)
- Child (3-9) $154 (bonus night $43)
- Infant (2 and under) Free! (with a registered adult, of course -- no dropping off the baby and hitting the Appalachian Trail!)

You have some options which we explain in detail later: pay a deposit or lump sum; and pay by PayPal (with a fee) or a check (no fee). For all, you must pay in full by April 15th, 2018 or there will be trouble!
Last Couple Bits:

Once again, we are offering the "Tribe Fund" -- Up to $200 per adult in registration support of those who want to come, but who cannot afford to pay the full fee.  We are inviting members of the tribe to pitch in to the Fund as their inclinations and circumstance allow.  There are times when we can all use a hand... and if we're lucky, times when we are able to offer one. Rather than have a formal screening process to determine who is "eligible," we suggest that members of the Tribe self-determine what degree of community support feels fair and comfortable -- and either reach into or feed the fund depending on their circumstance. Our decision is to trust that our community will rise to this.

We will refund the entire amount via check (less a $10 admin fee and any PayPal fees) if you cancel prior to April 15, 2016. Cancellations after that date will be handled on an individual basis, but expect a larger cancellation fee as we may incur costs for holding your space.

Just send us an email at weekend@davidwilcox.com. We will be happy to help you with registration or discounts or donations or just shoot the digital breeze with you.
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Lodging *

Lodge or Cabin: The lodge is more like a hotel room with a private bath and was recently completely renovated (THE LODGE IS SOLD OUT!); cabins are more rustic with have a screened-in porch and most have a private bath and two twin beds. The price is the same for lodge and cabin rooms.

Private or Shared: YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION HERE! Private rooms are the same physical rooms as shared rooms. The ONLY difference is that you - the individual person registering right now - are not sharing the room with ANYONE. PRIVATE means no one else sleeps in your room. Not your spouse, not your friend, not someone else you are registering right now. You are in the room alone with no one else - you know, like a monk in solitude. And you are paying a little extra for having a room all to yourself. It's okay, we won't judge. Even extroverts need their private time.

If you're signing up yourself and your family or your significant other and are in one room, pick SHARED lodge or cabin. If you don't have a roommate, but wouldn't mind sharing a room with a yet-to-be-met friend or with someone you know who is registering separately, pick SHARED lodge or cabin.

You can also choose the commuter option if you don't need housing but want to come to the program each day.

Bonus Night! *

Are you staying for the pre-weekend bonus night on Wednesday, May 2nd?
Okay, {{answer_fcmEP5lYmPPw}}, now you can register up to three more people on your registration. We used to use some fancy skip logic in this form so you could bypass all these additional registration questions, but it cost us money, so you're saving us $$ by hitting enter a bunch of times once you're done registering people until you get to the "Lend a Hand" question. Thanks!

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Remember, Adult is 18+, Youth 10-17, Child 3-9 and Infant 0-2 (just letting you check your math)...

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Last name #4

Registration Type #4

Remember, Adult is 18+, Child 3-9, and Infant 0-2. You've graduated to higher math and have to calculate the Youth age range. Tutoring is available as are math PTSD counselors if this brings back too many painful memories about word problems involving trains traveling toward each other.

Random Acts of Questions

Lend a hand!

Let us know if you'd like to help with any of the following (check as many as you'd like!):


The minions love kids. We also want to make sure kids feel welcome to be kids and adults who don't have kids feel welcome to be adults who don't have to deal with kids all the time if they don't want to. We're toying with the idea of offering childcare options by seeing if some attendees (who do like kids and are qualified to take care of them) are willing to do some kiddo wrangling for a discount on their registration and parents who would be willing to kick in some cash for some quiet time during the Weekend. So what say you? Would you pay for childcare if offered or provide childcare if given a discount or share the task by taking a shift or two with other parents taking other shifts?


Some of our favorite moments over the last few weekends have been in tribe-led workshops. These can be about music or life or play or career -- anything really! If you have a topic for a workshop you'd like to lead, provide a title and a really short description here. No commitment; we just want to get an idea of how many we might be having and will contact you before the weekend about getting more details.
Tribe Fund

The Tribe Fund helps when it can and accepts your help when you can give it. Let us know if you expect you'll be needing some help (up to $200 per adult, $50 per youth and $25 per child). If you can contribute, let us know how much. Note that it costs us about $200 per person per day, so consider that amount if you can afford it or write in another amount at the end.

It's not oversharing when everybody does it *

We are a Tribe. We want to share news and lives and stuff that tribes share. People always ask for names, home city, and email addresses. We don't want to presume you're okay with that. So, {{answer_fcmEP5lYmPPw}}, are you okay with that? (It is totally fine if you're not.)
Roommate Requests

Is there someone you're dying to share a room with? Add a name here only for someone who is registering separately. (Note, they're going to have to request you too... we're not a matchmaking service!)
Dietary needs

Any special dietary needs we should know about? Kanuga is very good at handling our special requests.

How did you hear about Wilcox Weekend, {{answer_fcmEP5lYmPPw}}? C'mon, dish!

Did we miss something?

Tell us what we need to know!
Payment Options

Yes, we need to talk about money (again). You've got some choices to make regarding the timing and method of payment.
Paper or Plastic? *

After we send us your invoice, what will your method of payment be?
Paper: You send us an old-fashioned check (and save us all some money in banking fees)
Plastic: You get the convenience of paying by credit card or electronic fund transfer via PayPal. We will charge you a fee for this option ($0.30+2.9% of your total payment due).

So what'll it be, partner?

One lump or two? *

Now about timing of payment, you get two options:
Lump Sum: You pay us the whole thing at once right away (and we'd really appreciate that).
Deposit: You make a $100 deposit per person as soon as we invoice you, then pay the balance before April 15th.

Last thing - You gotta push two more buttons!

Yahoo! You've answered all our questions. Click the last two buttons and your journey to the dark side will be complete. No, wait, wrong weekend...

You might want to "like" our Facebook page and share it with your friends so we can spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/WilcoxWeekend/ And go to David's website at: http://www.davidwilcox.com

Still have questions? Email us anytime at weekend@davidwilcox.com.

Within a day or two after you push the "Submit-ish" and "Submit" buttons, we will send you a confirmation email with all the details we blathered on about during the registration process along with an invoice for payment via email that reflects your payment preferences (deposit or lump sum and check or PayPal). Whatever your preferences, you MUST PAY BY APRIL15th, 2018 or you turn into an ogre! Detailed payment instructions will be on the invoice.

If it's your first time attending, hitting the "Submit-ish" and "Submit" buttons will officially make you part of the Tribe (you always have been part of the Tribe, only now it's official)!

Last, last thing: We've been asked, "Why two buttons?" It is one of those unsettling mysteries of life you will have to be content with never knowing, but we think it has something to do with not disrupting the space-time continuum...
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